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Three Irish guys moved all of our stuff from San Francisco to Campbell, and we've begun the painstaking process of unpacking. Boxes litter every room of the house, and we still need some furniture and appliances that became necessary upon moving from an 850-square-foot apartment to a 1650-square-foot townhouse. But so far, so good. Starla managed not to destroy anything during her initial inspection of the premises, content to find that her customary perches still remain. We originally thought we would need a second car, but it turns out Apple recently added a shuttle route from Campbell. Compared to the San Francisco route, the ride is a fraction of the length, and both the seating and the wifi are much less congested. My stop is a 10-minute walk from the house, at one end of the historic downtown shopping area, which we discovered firsthand has one of the region's better farmers markets.

I think it's a good thing that we tried living in the city, since we always would have wondered what it would have been like had we skipped that step. But life in Campbell more closely resembles life in Austin, which we discovered that we missed dearly.
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