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Pulling the trigger...

We're a go. After a couple months of waiting for the current occupants' two lenders to sort things out, we're in contract for our coveted townhouse in Campbell. The most agonizing part of buying a short sale, that long wait, finally seems over, leaving the normal home-buying process. So far, this part seems much more hectic. We have until May 20th to close escrow. We need to acquire a mortgage and lock in an interest rate, pore over the HOA documents, go through the home inspection, and whatever else our agent springs on us. The inspection is the scariest thing, since it's the most likely reason we won't wind up in this house. Anything that's not a deal breaker we'd have to fix ourselves, since the seller is broke.

It's scary. I believe we're doing the right thing, but I can barely wrap my head around the amount of money involved when you buy a home. Still, most of my fears are along the lines of "what if we don't get the house?" so my gut still tells me we're going in the right direction. We just need to get there.
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