Nick Jong (nickjong) wrote,
Nick Jong

Starla on the mend

I worry that we'll look back at our time in San Francisco as an uninterrupted string of assorted maladies. This past week was Starla's turn again. The vet removed a tumor from her last Tuesday, and we had no idea how miserable Starla's recovery would be. (Sarah has written a post with all the miserable details.) She was inconsolable right after the surgery. Then I stayed home on Thursday to help and promptly hurt my back.

The good news is that we both seem to be on the mend. Starla has begun to regain energy, to the point that we need to encourage her to keep lying in her dog bed in the middle of the living room, looking pathetic in her dig cone head collar thing, since at least then she isn't agitating her slowly healing incision.

No, the real good news is that the biopsy showed the tumor was benign. It's an immense relief, to say the least. You know, I never considered myself a dog person before we adopted Starla, but now she's an essential member of our family. I couldn't say when exactly this bond formed, but it's hard to imagine life without it.
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