Nick Jong (nickjong) wrote,
Nick Jong

Off the air, again

It's official. Sarah and I are completely out of step with American tastes in television. Last week we learned our favorite new show this season, Terriers, had been cancelled. Tonight, after we almost caught up on The Good Guys, we learned that show won't get a second season, either. Sigh. Why can the market support a hojillion CSI and Law & Order spinoffs but not one comedic buddy-cop show with throwback 80s-style car chases? But as fun as The Good Guys was, the real loss is Terriers. The fact that I can't tell you exactly what genre it fit probably has something to do with its cancellation. I guess you could just say it's about two unlicensed private investigators who get in over their heads. That synopsis completely omits that Terriers had perhaps the deepest characterization and tightest writing of any freshman show I've seen. I just wish these shows had more of a chance to find their audience. I guess I should know better after Firefly.
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