Nick Jong (nickjong) wrote,
Nick Jong

Turning the page

In hindsight, I knew that working full-time for Apple while working on my thesis would suck. I just didn't anticipate—perhaps, just wouldn't accept—that it would take so long. It seems reasonable to say that I've lived a double life from the moment Sarah and I married in April 2009, when we were already looking to our future, through Zach's New Year's Day wedding, at which point I still had some loose ends from the graduate study I began so long ago. In truth, it's more accurate to say that my thesis more or less supplanted my social life for the last year and a half or more.

The weddings that bookmarked this period of my life underscore for me the social isolation that Sarah and I have endured. At least I know what my New Year's resolution should be. Although we have plenty of mere goals, the most significant being a new home, I resolve to emerge from my cave, to renew friendships near and far, and to forge new friendships, too.

Alas, I am still dealing with the aftermath of 2010. I've taken three days off from work (so far) to recover from some relatively minor but terribly inconvenient surgery (the details of which are best omitted) that was originally scheduled for last November. Nothing sucks more than waiting in the surgery center, IV in your arm, for a surgeon who's not going to show. But this year I will turn the page. For too long "next year" has been a bright hope tantalizingly out of reach, but finally I can feel it in my grasp.
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