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story of my summer

Lately I've continued to focus on writing my thesis, but the tempting distractions on the horizon are looming larger and larger. When I first learned that my paper was accepted into a conference in Slovenia in early September, I only worried about how attending would impact finishing my thesis and starting at Apple. The more I learn about Slovenia, the more excited I become about traveling. Now it looks like Sarah will join me after the conference, and we'll enjoy a little second honeymoon spanning from the Alps to Dubrovnik on the coast of Croatia. I pushed back my start date with Apple until the last Monday in September, in part to accommodate the vacation. Meanwhile, we've started the ball rolling with Apple with regard to the relocation, which we're timing to coincide with the expiration of our lease at the end of July. We'll have the month of August to look for a place to live, while we enjoy corporate housing in San Francisco, before our September travels. So the future continues to take shape. I just need to get this thesis in shape before then.
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