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Don't watch The Unusuals

We're enjoying the new ABC cop show The Unusuals so much, we're convinced it's doomed to cancellation. Ostensibly a drama, it also sports a quirky humor that will probably throw off most of its viewers. By establishing a world populated both by secrets, where no one is exactly what they seem, and also by absurdity, the show resists categorization. As I said, doomed.

Looking back, my television viewing habits have shifted quite a bit over the last several years. I once fixated on science fiction and fantasy, from Babylon 5 to Buffy. At some point we just stopped making time to keep up with shows like Heroes and Battlestar Galactica. Now the shows we anticipate each week are all procedurals, from Bones to NCIS. I'm still not entirely sure why. Heroes and BSG in particular suffered from lack of clear direction, so maybe I just got tired of unfulfilling long-term story arcs and uneven writing. In contrast, Bones and NCIS complete a story every episode while managing to weave character-based threads that develop over time. Hmm, I'll need to revisit this question later, at the risk of overanalyzing this shift in preferences.
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