January 17th, 2011


Open season

Sarah and I embarked on our housing search yesterday by attending a slew of South Bay open houses. Escaping our miserable Victorian flat in San Francisco is among our top priorities for 2011, so we were relieved finally both to feel well enough this weekend to get out of the house and get started. This time, we won't allow the amazing walk scores and the cachet of city life tempt us. We want more than 850 square feet. We want a modern floor plan, not one devised 107 years ago. We need the air filtration of HVAC. We want a yard in which Starla can run around and be a dog. Now that I'm not working on my thesis, I'd happily trade the two hours I spend every day in solitude on the bus for more time with my family and friends.

On our first day, we already found one strong contender, although we assume it can't be right even to contemplate an offer so early in the process, before we really know what we're doing. Still, it was a tremendous relief to find so quickly a home where we could see ourselves living. We also learned quite a bit about how to refine our next open-house expedition. We've only just started, and the prospect of buying a house seems so intimidating, but so far it's nevertheless exciting to imagine the possibilities opening up for us.